Past Issues of The Rostrum

At their first meeting in November, 1991, the charter members of the Maryland Geological Society recognized the important role that a newsletter would play in the life of the club. Beginning with its inaugural issue (dated Winter 1991-1992), The Rostrum has been published regularly for three decades.

Selected complete back issues of the newsletter can be downloaded here. Some of these large files may load slowly. Issues published during 2021, the 30th year of the club, have been posted here (go to the bottom of this list).

Volume 1 (1991-92)

The four issues that comprise Volume 1 provide a fascinating look back at the initial year of the MGS, a very vibrant and active year. Links to those issues are provided below.

During 2011, the 20th anniversary year of the club, an article in The Rostrum saluted the farsighted members who so capably met the challenges of producing the newsletter in those early years. This article is available here.

Volume 2 (1992-93)

Volume 5 (1995-96)

Volume 10 (2001)

Volume 15 (2006) (publication expanded to six issues)

Volume 20 (2011)

Volume 25 (2016)

Volume 30 (2021)

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